A Short List of Things to Avoid After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S., with more than 350,000 procedures in 2020 alone. For those interested in nose reshaping to change their appearance, it’s important to understand how to give yourself the best chance of a good outcome by considering a few things to avoid after rhinoplasty surgery. The team at Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery can help residents of the Englewood, CO area understand if rhinoplasty is right for them and what steps they can take to get the best results.

Blowing your nose

It can take up to a year for your nose to fully heal after rhinoplasty, but for the first six weeks after your surgery, you should avoid blowing your nose. Many patients find this especially uncomfortable because rhinoplasty can also cause swelling in your nasal tissues, which can make you feel congested and like you need to blow your nose. But the team at Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery in Englewood, CO recommends their rhinoplasty patients avoid blowing their nose and try to sneeze out of their mouths until the swelling has gone down.

Wearing glasses

You shouldn’t wear sunglasses, reading glasses, or any other type of glasses for about six weeks, as glasses can put pressure on the nose, which can cause swelling and bruising, and may even impact the surgical results. If you must wear glasses, you can place your surgical splint on your nose and then place your glasses on top of the splint.


Nicotine, whether you smoke, chew, or vape it, or are around people smoking or vaping, restricts blood flow, which can keep your nose from healing properly.

Being in the sun

Stay out of the sun until your nasal bones and skin are completely healed, as your skin will be more susceptible to sunburn, which can also deepen the appearance of any scars you might have on your nose.

Vigorous exercise

To ensure you don’t worsen swelling in your nose, avoid strenuous exercise after rhinoplasty surgery for about six weeks or until the bones in your nose have healed fully.

Excessive heat

You should avoid taking hot showers and consuming hot foods or beverages for about six weeks, as excess heat can worsen nasal swelling.

Sleeping on your side or stomach

Until your nasal bones have healed, you need to sleep with your head elevated, so don’t sleep on your side or stomach. Use a few pillows to prop your head up, or sleep in a recliner.

Schedule your rhinoplasty consultation today

If you’re unhappy with the way your nose looks, rhinoplasty is often the best way to improve it. The rhinoplasty recovery period for this popular cosmetic procedure can be intense, lasting up to a year. However, there are a few things you can do to make it easier on yourself and give your surgery the best chance of improving what you perceive are your problem areas.

The team at Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery can help residents of the Englewood, CO area understand if rhinoplasty is right for them and how to aid the healing process by avoiding a few things after their rhinoplasty surgery that can detract from the results. If you are interested in rhinoplasty surgery, reach out to us today.

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