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Botox and Dysport are an injectable medical derivative of botulinum toxin used to selectively and temporarily weaken muscle.  As a group these products are known as neuromodulators and they have a wide variety of medical applications both functional and cosmetic.  In the face they are used to improve dynamic wrinkles that everybody eventually develops to one degree or another.  Dynamic wrinkles result from the action of the muscles of facial expression also known as the facial mimetic muscles used to frown, show surprise, squint, grimace and smile.  In general, dynamic wrinkles produced by the mimetic muscles run at right angles to the direction of muscle pull.

Over many years as people age, these lines become more prominent and are present even when the face is at rest and not showing any expression.  The lines are creating a fatigued look and are a hallmark of “older-looking” appearance. With Botox and Dysport, however, our team can temporarily minimize the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines (“elevens”), Crow’s feet, and forehead creases.  Neuromodulators can also be used to prevent dental grinding associated with overactive chewing muscles and migraine type headaches associated with spasm of the scalp muscles.  At Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer BOTOX to help patients throughout the Denver area and beyond attain a more youthful, refreshed aesthetic. Please contact our office in Englewood, CO for more on this nonsurgical aesthetic treatment!

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There are many reasons patients choose to undergo cosmetic injections at Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery. Neuromodulator injections are a safe, reliable, and virtually pain-free way to improve the appearance of wrinkles. Additional benefits include:

  • Quick, nonsurgical procedure
  • Minimal downtime after treatment, if any
  • Improve the appearance of moderate wrinkles and lines
  • Help prevent future signs of aging
  • FDA-approved for aesthetic use
  • Can be combined with many other treatments for a comprehensive facial rejuvenation plan


Botox and Dysport are nueromodulators made from a purified strain of botulinum toxin type A. They bind to acetylcholine muscle receptors that receive nerve impulses and therfore prevent the muscles from contracting.  The degree of muscle weakening is directly related to the dose of neuromodulator injected.  Botox and Dysport work to temporarily “freeze” the facial muscles because they slowly unbind from the receptors and the muscle gradually becomes active again.  During the 3 to 4 months that the muscles of facial expression are weakened, the dynamic wrinkles in the overlying skin are softened and the skin has a smoother appearance.  When used on a regular basis neuromodulators act as a preventive cosmetic treatment because they delay the dynamic lines from becoming permanetly present even without expression.  These treatments only take around 5 – 10 minutes to complete.  The effects are visible starting 2 days or so after treatment and reach peak effect after about 5 – 7 days. During your consultation at our Englewood, CO facial aesthetics practice, our experts will determine the number of units needed to reach your goals and discuss your personal cost. BOTOX treatments can provide up to four months of more youthful, natural-looking cosmetic improvements for most patients.


Several factors are critical in obtaining a good result with Botox or Dysport.

  • Clear understanding of the patient’s goals..  
  • Setting realistic goals. 
  • Injector knowledge of anatomy.
  • Injector experience.
  • Injector technique.

At Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery we have several injectors all of whom listen closely to what people’s goals are, make appropriate recommendations and have the necessary skill and experience to inject Botox and Dysport to achieve rewarding results and happy patients.