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Facial Implants Englewood, CO

Facial implants are synthetic structures made from biocompatible materials which can be inserted under the skin to improve facial contours. These implants come in a variety of shapes and can provide natural improvements and lasting benefits.

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Any patient looking for a permanent improvement in facial symmetry and volume can benefit from facial implants. The best patients for facial implants at Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery are people who:

  • Want better contours in their cheeks
  • Wish to define the jawline
  • Need to improve a weak, or small, chin
  • Have lost volume in their face
  • Have genetically flat or hollow cheeks
  • Have an imbalance in their face caused by a congenital defect, a physical condition, or an injury
  • Are in good overall good health

Dermal fillers can be a good option for patients who want to avoid the time and expense of surgery. Since dermal fillers create temporary results, they can also be used to get a better idea of how much volume and lift they want before committing to facial implants. Surgical facial implants are better for those who want a longer-lasting solution and can commit time to recovery after their surgery.


As an outpatient procedure, facial implant insertion is performed under local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or IV sedation and has a very high success. The chin, jawline, and cheeks, for example, are popular areas for improvement and implant usage. On average, facial implants carry a recovery time of several weeks and can offer long-term improvements to your facial harmony and overall appearance.

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What can I expect after a facial implant?

Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery will provide post-operative instructions following facial implant surgery. This important information will include how to care for the treatment area and when you can return to work or other activities. Patients should follow these guidelines closely to ensure proper healing. Swelling and sensation changes are normal after surgery and can take time to improve. There is a small risk of implant extrusion, movement, and infection. Many patients will take a few days off of work but then return quickly to light activity. We suggest avoiding strenuous activity and attending follow-up appointments to ensure proper healing.

Are there other options aside from facial implants to improve contour and volume?

Either a facial fat transfer or a dermal filler (for example, Restylane® and JUVÉDERM®) may improve symmetry and facial volume. While dermal fillers can create beautiful results, a facial fat transfer often lasts longer and looks more natural. A facial implant, though, is a better option for stable, long-term results.

How long does a facial implant procedure take?

The length of time needed for your facial implant will vary based on the number needed and location. Often times, surgery takes 2-3 hours.

Which areas of the face can be improved with a facial implant?

A facial implant can be used in many areas. Popular sites are the chin, jaw, and cheeks.

How much does a facial implant cost?

The cost of facial implants vary based on the complexity of the procedure. The surgeon’s fees range from $2,000-6,000 not including anesthesia fees, facility costs, and supplies.