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Genioplasty Englewood, CO

A chin that is too large, too small, or misaligned can make other facial features look out of proportion. Genioplasty is a facial aesthetic treatment that reshapes the chin and lower face for patients with a small or recessed chin. Often when a chin is out of proportion to the face, it can create an undesirable or weak jawline or a prognathic (protruded) appearance. Cosmetic chin surgery can be performed to improve the shape, position, and appearance of your chin for a more appealing profile.

Ideal Candidate

A small or recessed chin can create an imbalance in your facial features. Chin augmentation with genioplasty may be ideal for patients who have a receded chin, a protruding chin, a chin deformity, or a chin that’s misaligned with other facial features. The procedure enhances the appearance of your chin, jawline, and overall facial proportions for a more youthful and attractive look.


As an outpatient procedure, genioplasty is performed under local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or IV sedation and has a very high success. With chin reshaping, the bone in the lower jaw may be reduced or the jaw may be repositioned to bring the chin into proper alignment with the face. On average, genioplasty procedures carry a recovery time of about 6 – 8 weeks and can offer long-term improvements to your facial profile and overall appearance.


Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery will provide post-operative instructions following genioplasty surgery. This important information will include how to care for the treatment area and when you can return to work or other activities. Patients should follow these guidelines closely to ensure proper healing. Swelling and sensation changes are normal after surgery and can take time to improve. Many patients will take a few days off of work but then return quickly to light activity. We suggest avoiding strenuous activity and attending follow-up appointments to ensure proper healing.


If you are weary of the imbalance your chin causes, or just wishing for an aesthetic change, a genioplasty near Denver, CO may be the appropriate cosmetic choice for you. Contact Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery today to set up your consultation with our providers. We are happy to answer your initial questions and get you to your new facial shape.


What does genioplasty address?

Genioplasty is a plastic surgery procedure to reshape your chin and jawline to improve facial harmony for a better overall appearance. It can be used to address a receding (or weak) chin, an overly large chin that sticks out too much, or a chin that is out of alignment with the rest of the face.

Is genioplasty a chin implant?

Genioplasty isn’t the same thing as a chin implant. A genioplasty involves moving bone into a new position while a chin implant is an implant placed at the chin without moving any bone.

Is a genioplasty painful?

Like any surgery, there is some discomfort after the procedure, but the actual surgery itself isn’t painful. Depending on your procedure, your surgeon may use only local anesthesia or IV sedation; in some cases, you will be put to sleep (general anesthesia). After your genioplasty procedure, your doctor may prescribe pain medications if necessary to keep you comfortable during the recovery process.

Is genioplasty permanent?

Yes, genioplasty is a permanent reshaping of your chin and jawline for an improved, more harmonious look to your facial features.

How much does a genioplasty cost?

The cost of genioplasty varies based on the complexity of the procedure. The surgeon’s fees range from $3,000-6,000 not including anesthesia fees, facility costs, and supplies.