Will FaceTite Treatment Enhance my Loose Jowls?

Jowls are excess skin around the neck and below the jawline and chin. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your jawline, consider an innovative treatment called FaceTite. This popular procedure uses radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) to tighten and smooth sagging skin for a youthful look.

Before undergoing any radiofrequency treatment, it’s important to understand how it works and what you can expect from the results. Below, the specialists at Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery discuss FaceTite in detail and how you can reduce sagging jowls in Englewood, CO.

What causes loose jowls?

Sagging skin in the jowls is often caused by age-related volume loss and skin elasticity. They are also the result of genetics or significant weight loss.

Unfortunately, jowls can make you appear older or put you in a position where it’s difficult to maintain a youthful look. While many people turn to solutions like cosmetic injections, they can’t do anything about extra skin. If you are interested in a long-lasting solution without going under the knife, Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery can review skin-tightening procedures, like FaceTite.

How does RFAL technology work?

FaceTite uses cutting-edge radiofrequency treatment to smooth and tighten your skin. We begin by using a simple handpiece around the contours of your face and neck. The gentle heat is what encourages new collagen production and causes the skin to contract over time. No incisions, needles, or downtime are associated with our treatment in Englewood, CO. Best of all, results appear natural – you simply look like a younger version of yourself over time.

Does FaceTite work with patients of all ages and skin types?

Yes! FaceTite has helped a wide range of patients with loose skin around their jowls. However, Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery recommends undergoing a quick consultation with our team to determine if radiofrequency treatment is safe and effective for your extra skin. Patients can rest assured that FaceTite comes with far fewer risks than cosmetic injections or invasive procedures, like facelift surgery.

Is FaceTite permanent?

Because the radiofrequency energy used during FaceTite encourages natural collagen production from the body, patients can enjoy long-lasting results that won’t wear off over time. Of course, FaceTite can’t stop future signs of aging, but it will let you retain more youthful volume and tone. Patients are free to return to Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery as needed for future treatments.

What results can I expect from FaceTite?

Most people achieve a noticeably smoother jawline and a toned facial appearance with just one session. However, multiple FaceTite sessions may be required to reduce sagging jowls. We estimate that you will see satisfying outcomes after 3 – 8 weeks as the collagen begins to take effect. Our trained team can provide a more accurate estimate of your results during a FaceTite consultation.

Reduce sagging jowls

Loose skin is one of the clearest signs that you’re not as young as you once were. When you want to enjoy a more youthful jawline, it’s important to turn to cutting-edge treatments like FaceTite. Learn more about this procedure or schedule a consultation by calling Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery in Englewood, CO. Our goal is to restore your self-confidence and offer safe, effective procedures like FaceTite.

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