Thread Lift

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Thread Lift Englewood, CO

As time and gravity both take their toll on aging skin, sagging cheeks, the appearance of jowls, and other effects often become cosmetic concerns. Thread lifts offer Denver area patients a nonsurgical facelift solution for lifting the skin, resulting in a tighter, more youthful result. Made of biocompatible materials, these threads help trigger new collagen production in the face, which serves as scaffolding or a support structure for the skin. Over time, the threads become absorbed by the body, leaving the skin lifted and held in place by the new collagen that has formed. If you have saggy, crepey, or loose skin on your face, we invite you to schedule a visit at Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery in Englewood, CO to learn if thread lifts can offer the facial rejuvenation you seek!


Not all individuals want or need invasive surgical options to gain an energized, invigorated appearance. For individuals living in Denver, CO who might be interested in resolving relaxed skin without receiving an invasive surgery, a thread lift could be an optimal option that could give you numerous perks, such as:

  • A procedure that is minimally invasive yet still effective
  • Collagen growth that offers glowing outcomes that will last
  • Outcomes that last longer than alternative nonsurgical anti-aging options, such as filler injections
  • Feeling pleased with your new, youthful appearance


Thread lifts are minimally invasive skin tightening procedures that work to reposition the skin while slightly pulling it up and back. These temporary sutures are strategically placed by our expert team beneath the skin’s surface and only take about 15 minutes to complete, depending on the size of the treatment area. Your skin will be held in a lifted position as new collagen forms around these sutures, which will be gradually absorbed by your body. In general, thread lift results last for about 1 year. Our Englewood, CO aesthetic team can help you develop your personal aesthetic plan, discuss thread lift costs, and answer any questions you have during your cosmetic consultation.


Facial thread lifts can offer a nonsurgical alternative to tighten loose skin and bring a subtle yet youthful appeal to your appearance. If you have mild to moderate skin laxity, crepey skin, or simply want a rejuvenated look, contact Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery in Englewood, CO today. We can help you set up a personalized consultation and explore thread lifts or other facial aesthetic treatment options that might be right for you!