Mario Imola, M.D., D.D.S., F.R.C.S.C., F.A.C.S.

Meet Dr. Imola

Dr. Mario Imola is a double board-certified facial and reconstructive plastic surgeon who offers his extensive training and surgical expertise to patients throughout the Denver area. After obtaining a doctor of medicine (M.D.) degree and a doctor of dental surgery (D.D.S.) degree from the University of Toronto, he went on to complete a rigorous four-year medical residency in head and neck surgery before attending a two-year fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Toronto and in Switzerland. As the medical director and founder of Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics by Design in Englewood, CO, he remains dedicated to helping his patients achieve treatment results that enhance their own natural beauty.  

Specialties and Expertise

As one of the country's foremost facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Imola is widely regarded as a face and nose expert. While he has advanced expertise in rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) and facial rejuvenation, his specialties also include otoplasty (ear reshaping), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), rhytidectomy (facelift), and forehead and brow lifts. In addition, Dr. Imola is exceptionally skilled in facial implants, bone repositioning, facial trauma, skin cancer reconstruction and scar revision, and craniofacial surgery. He's extremely passionate about all aspects of facial rejuvenation and is among the top-rated facial plastic surgeons in the Denver, CO area.

Professional Societies and Organizations

Throughout his dynamic career, Dr. Imola has amassed a vast body of knowledge, skills, and experience that have positioned him as one of the most respected facial plastic surgery specialists in Colorado. He's double board-certified by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) and the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAOHNS), two of the most eminent organizations in these fields. Dr. Imola holds esteemed fellowships in the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada (F.R.C.S.C.) and the American College of Surgeons (F.A.C.S.) and is a distinguished member of the Rhinoplasty Society.


"I had a Facetite procedure and submentoplasty with Dr. Imola last Monday. 1.5 weeks later, my skin is tighter, my double chin is gone, and I couldn't be happier. I had the good fortune of being awake for the procedure and, therefore, witnessed (or felt rather) his expert surgical precision and unwavering mental focus. Even when staff was interjecting for other patients/issues, he could have felt rushed (heck, I felt rushed for him) but he remained calm and dedicated to providing me with his best service. What more can you ask for from a surgeon? What's more? The little small talk that went on while I was under the knife was delimited to teaching moments. What a class act and phenomenal surgeon. He's truly in a league of his own. And he is my go-to guy from now on. The below left pic is me a week and a half after surgery! The middle is me right before. The right is day 3--max swelling. Added a fourth pic 2 months out. Couldn't be happier!"



"Excellent Surgeon for Revision of Liposuction and Filler Complication - I came into the clinic with a complication from a previous facial surgery and dermal fillers. Before finding Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery I had searched all over the Denver area and even outside Colorado to find a surgeon willing to take my case. Drs. Kowalczyk and Imola saw me for a consultation and offered multiple options to correct the facial asymmetry for which multiple other doctors would not consider or could not provide a solution. I worked primarily with Dr. Kowalczyk, who started with the least invasive treatment options first, and eventually decided with my agreement to do a micro-liposuction procedure. Throughout the entire process he asked for and accepted my feedback, making me feel empowered and part of the process to achieve my aesthetic goals.When it was time for a the actual surgery both doctors consulted, but Dr. Kowalczyk performed the procedure. He did so conservatively and with finesse. Not only did he allow me look in a mirror in the middle of the procedure to assess how I thought the results were coming along, but the outcome was excellent. The final result exceed my expectations (the asymmetry is corrected as well as humanly possible), and there were no additional complications or discomfort.I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate Dr. Kowalczyk's willingness to listen to me, the time he spent answering questions, and the technical and aesthetic skill he showed when performing the procedure.For anyone considering cosmetic, reconstructive, or revision surgery of the face, I highly recommend this clinic. Both surgeons are amazing, but my own success story was at the hands of Dr. Kowalczyk."



"I contemplated getting my nose straightened for years and didn’t take the step until meeting Dr. Imola and couldn’t be more happy at the result. I am not vain but it is life changing. I could dwell on not having done it sooner (which I should have), but am just so glad I did it eventually and more so that I did so at COFPSC. Dr. Imola is unassuming and wholly professional and the staff in particular Lisa are exceptional, they make everything so easy and are always responsive to any questions or concerns."



"I was shell shocked after trauma left my nose collapsed, and even more stressed because I needed a revision rhinoplasty as I already had a rhinoplasty a while back. I didn’t know who to go to in order to get my functionality/breathing back as well as an appropriate aesthetic for my ethnic background but to my relief, this clinic and it’s staff saved my nose as I knew it. Dr.Imola is the nose whisperer. He asks you about your goals, and then makes a plan taking your needs into account and combining them with his expertise and artistic vision. He sees you frequently after the surgery to make sure healing goes according to plan. Lisa is the admin and guides you like a pro from start to finish. She made me feel taken care of after the surgery/during recovery. This isn’t her first rodeo and she has everything on lock. I’m a wuss so the surgery and recovery itself was tough, but a few months later and my nose doesn’t look like a pot sticker anymore lmao 😮‍💨✨ my nostrils now have support, and i walk around with a natural looking masterpiece in the middle of my face. I’m very grateful for Dr. Imola’s work."



"Dr. Mario Imola is beyond incredible, and his staff is all so incredibly caring and so very kind. I was referred to Dr. Imola after a couple visits to specialists confirming that my nasal passages were nearly closed due to a trauma after a rhinoplasty almost 20 years ago. Which left my nose, making a hard left on my face....along with the lack of function. Meeting Lisa and Dr. Imola, for the first time, I knew I was in good hands. They are so professional and so down to earth. Dr. Imola is a true artist. He performed a septoplasty along with a revision rhinoplasty accompanied by a rib graft. My nose is now straight on my face, and who knew breathing was so cool. Thank you will never be enough for what Dr. Imola and his fantastic staff have done for me. I'm eternally grateful."



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