Facial Plastic Surgery Blog

Facial Plastic Surgery Blog

What are Some Questions to Ask During a Rhinoplasty Consultation?

Meet Our Team | 09/23/2022

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, it's important to be fully informed before making a decision for rhinoplasty.


What is the Recovery Process for a Rhinoplasty?

Meet Our Team | 08/26/2022

The recovery process for rhinoplasty can be extensive, but with the proper care, discomfort can be minimized.


What are the Differences Between a Closed and an Open Rhinoplasty?

Meet Our Team | 07/21/2022

Rhinoplasty has different approaches and methods used to treat the appearance of the nose based on the desired results and needs of the patient.


Four Things to Consider With a Liquid Rhinoplasty

Meet Our Team | 06/23/2022

Whether choosing surgery or a less invasive option to rhinoplasty, you should have all the information needed to make the right decision for you.


What are the Different Types of Anesthesia Used in Facial Plastic Surgery?

Meet Our Team | 05/20/2022

Here are the four different types of anesthesia that can be used during facelift plastic surgery.


Why Should You Only Trust Your Face to a Facial Plastic Surgeon?

David Kowalczyk, M.D. | 05/16/2022

Learn about the reasons to trust your face only to a Facial Plastic Surgeon!


What Are Some Ways to Get Rid of Tired-Looking Eyes?

Meet Our Team | 04/26/2022

We offer multiple solutions to rejuvenate your appearance and get rid of those tired-looking eyes.


At What Age Should You Have Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Meet Our Team | 03/07/2022

Rhinoplasty surgery can be appropriate for a wide range of younger and older patients. See if you are a candidate for facial surgery in Englewood.


Will FaceTite Treatment Enhance my Loose Jowls?

Meet Our Team | 02/08/2022

Loose skin and sagging jowls can make you feel self-conscious about your face. Learn how FaceTite radiofrequency treatment can tighten extra skin.


How Many Years Can NeckTite Results Last?

Meet Our Team | 01/17/2022

Loose or wrinkled skin can make your neck appear older. See how advanced NeckTite technology in Englewood creates firmer skin for up to five years.


What Happens if I Gain Weight After A Fat Transfer?

Meet Our Team | 12/13/2021

A fat transfer is a great way to achieve a smooth, youthful facial appearance. Learn more about fat transfers and how they can benefit you.


How Much Swelling Will I Have After FaceTite Treatment?

Meet Our Team | 11/07/2021

Loose skin is often caused by factors such as age and sun damage. Discover the many anti-aging properties of FaceTite and how it reduces excess skin.


A Short List of Things to Avoid After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Meet Our Team | 10/28/2021

There are certain things Englewood, CO area residents should avoid after rhinoplasty surgery to ensure a healthy recovery period. Find out more here.


Tighten Loose Hanging Neck Skin With NeckTite Treatment

Meet Our Team | 09/14/2021

Do you have loose neck skin that makes you feel self-conscious? Learn how NeckTite treatment tightens this area and helps you feel more confident.


How Many Facelifts Can A Person Have?

Meet Our Team | 08/24/2021

Facelift surgery can correct a double chin and other common signs of aging. Learn how many facelift procedures we can safely perform for patients.


Will FaceTite Make Me Look Younger?

Meet Our Team | 07/20/2021

FaceTite is a cosmetic procedure that can help to tighten skin and get rid of fat. It can give you a more toned, contoured, and youthful appearance.


Fat Transfer Or Injectables? Which Is Right For Me?

Meet Our Team | 06/18/2021

A comparison of facial fat transfer vs. cosmetic injectables to help you better understand which treatment is right for you.


Top Five Benefits Of FaceTite

Meet Our Team | 05/21/2021

Interested in a less invasive alternative to facelift surgery? Discover the benefits of FaceTite, and learn what results may be possible for you.


How Long Will Swelling Last After Facelift Surgery?

Meet Our Team | 04/01/2021

With a facelift, it's normal to experience some post-surgery swelling, but this is temporary. Learn more about the expected recovery after facelift.


Five Benefits Of Rhinoplasty To Enhance Your Appearance

Meet Our Team | 03/03/2020

How can rhinoplasty surgery enhance the form and function of your nose and improve your overall look? Discover the benefits of nose surgery here.


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