I Have Buccal Fat. Can A Facelift Get Rid of It?

Buccal fat provides natural fullness to the mid-face, but sometimes too much causes your cheeks to appear prominent or chubby. A facelift procedure may address this issue by surgically sculpting the mid-face area.

Buccal fat removal is just one of the ways we help patients look and feel their best. Our professionals at Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery can explain the process in more detail and ensure you are fully prepared. Call now to learn about facelift surgery in Englewood, CO, and see how this innovative procedure can improve your appearance and confidence.

Do you have too much buccal fat?

Buccal fat does not necessarily mean that you are overweight. Genetics plays a significant role in the fullness of your mid-face. Even traditional methods like diet and exercise cannot reduce the appearance of full cheeks. The good news is facelift surgery can remove small amounts of excess tissue to reveal a more contoured look.

How does a facelift work?

Facelift surgery removes excess fat, tightens underlying facial muscles, and trims away loose skin to reduce unwanted signs of aging. The incisions used during this procedure are strategically placed, so any scarring is well hidden within the hairline and behind the ear.

At Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety of techniques to help meet your unique needs. We specialize in minimally invasive approaches that reduce downtime and provide natural-looking outcomes.

What is a mid-facelift?

Buccal fat may cause the cheeks to droop down and cause a hollowing of the lower eyelids. A mid-facelift (also known as a cheek lift) may be able to address these issues. This technique involves lifting the tissues from both temples, which allows our surgeons to reposition the mid-face and provide a more youthful, refreshed appearance overall.

Is buccal fat removal safe?

We understand that safety is a top concern when considering any cosmetic procedure in Englewood, CO. This is why a consultation is such an important part of the process. Our team will carefully evaluate your features and discuss all available options to determine the best course of action. Rest assured, we never remove more fat than is necessary during surgery.

Do facelift results appear natural-looking?

Yes! Outcomes from facelift surgery depend largely on the skill and experience of your surgeon. At Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery, our surgeons are highly qualified and experienced in performing all kinds of facelift techniques. We know how important it is to get natural results, so we use advanced tools and techniques at every step of the process.

Patients are welcome to view before-and-after photos during an initial consultation, so they have a better idea of what to expect from a mid-facelift or similar treatment. We also take the time to get to know each patient and learn their goals before formulating a surgical plan.

Slim down the mid-face area

Whether you are considering buccal fat removal through a mid-facelift or other treatment, our talented team is here to help. Colorado Facial Plastic Surgery has worked with many patients just like you. Call now to learn more about the best facelift possible for your needs and book an appointment in Englewood, CO. We look forward to helping you find the perfect solution for a refreshed, contoured face.

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