Revision Rhinoplasty

Procedure Details


Revision Rhinoplasty

This young woman consulted for a revision rhinoplasty. She had a history of childhood facial trauma and an unsuccessful primary rhinoplasty shortly after. 


She had significant nasal obstruction and was dissatisfied with with her pinched nasal dorsum and tip, her over-projected tip, the large amount of nostril show, the overall contour irregularities and sharp, angular appearance of her nose. A revision rhinoplasty was performed in which you can see the drastic difference in her before and after photos. Post-operatively it can be seen that the nasal dorsum was widened and the previous contour irregularities were addressed and greatly improved. Her nasal tip was de-projected, rotated downwards, and restructured into a more natural shape, reducing nostril show and resolving her previous "pinched' appearance. Her septal deviation was improved and the overall symmetry of her nose is also greatly improved.


Although side-by-side her results are drastic, her results also restored a natural appearance to her nose and left her with a nose that fit her surrounding facial anatomy.


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